Saturday, March 1, 2008

Say Anything

Anyone who knows me knows that Say Anything is my favorite movie for all time.

I won't lay out the whole story so if you haven't seen it, go rent it first and then come back. When Diane is laying in bed, sleepless, Lloyd is outside with the radio, holding it above his head, and we hear Peter Gabriel singing.... What is it about that scene that moves me so? I think Lloyd Dobbler represents a vulnerability that we can all relate to. I think his love for Diane was representative of the overall struggle we humans have, between love and life and responsibility. Wanting to follow our hearts, but torn when we must think of others first. When Diane finds the money and confronts her father, she says she doesn't want to leave anything out, because she knows she can say anything to him. She is hurting and betrayed, and returns to Lloyd, knowing he will be what she needs. Lloyd asks her if she is there because she needs him, or because she just needs someone. Before she can answer, he decides that he doesn't care.

Do we treat God this way? Do we wait to return to Him until we cannot handle our problems on our own? When we've been betrayed we run to Him, needing someone to comfort us. But He was there all along, we were just too busy with our own foolishness to see Him. I wonder if He chuckles as we scurry about...

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