Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ok, so the Michael Jackson thing....

I have an unhealthy obsession with Michael Jackson. I'm fully aware of this, so don't judge me! I read and watch everything that comes along about him. The Martin Bashir documentary was awesome! I just find him totally fascinating - it must be that whole can't-look-away-from-an-accident phenomenon. What makes a grown man live like this? The whole Neverland thing I can kinda get, since he felt he was denied his own childhood because of the career, blah blah blah.... but what is up with the surgeries?
I found a web site that shows what he would look like now if he had never had any work done. It's... well it's.... ok, so it's beyond words. Just go look here.
I wonder if his hair is a wig. It's so shiny and bouncy! And the voice. I wish I could hear his real voice. I bet it's freaky to hear a normal man's voice coming out of that woman-child looking face.
I really enjoyed his trial, seeing what he would wear every day. I especially enjoyed the pajama day. Or as Ethan calls them 'majamas'. I have one of those days myself now and then. It's one of those stay-at-home-mom perks.
So the surgeries.... It's kind of like watching my kids with Play-Doh. What will he look like next? If you go here you can see a timeline with pictures of what he had done and when over the years. If he has much more done, I think his nose will just cave in. (fyi, there's some language on that last link)
I can't really defend myself but there are certainly worse habits that I could be indulging in.

Friday, December 29, 2006

My daughter's first piercing

I took the Princess to get her ears pierced a few days ago. That was fun. And by fun I mean it was utter torture. She had earned all the required stickers to prove to us that she was old enough and responsible enough to get them done. We had talked about how it would hurt, how she would have to take care of them, and so forth. I figured we were pretty well organized and adult about this. What I did not plan on was that there would only be one employee handy to handle sticking sharp things into my daughter's ears ONE AT A TIME. To this end, there was 45 minutes between the piercing of the first ear and the piercing of the second ear. 45 minutes of her crying, and me cajoling. She knew she was stuck, as she could either get the second one done, or I would take the first one out. Neither option appealed to her of course. I'm proud of her, because she finally did suck it up and make herself be brave enough to do the second one.
She sure looks pretty with her sparkly ears!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Morning

It's always nice to have a decent night's sleep, wake up feeling good, roll over.... and hear the sound of your children riding their bikes out front! Even better is when you go outside to explain to them why it's NOT OKAY to leave the house in the morning without waking mommy up, and you discover that your daughter is wearing a super short pink satin hoochie dress-up skirt paired with a velvet bodysuit and heels, and your son is wearing his sister's sweater and his underwear and that's it.
These are the days when I resent having to switch to decaf!!!