Saturday, March 15, 2008

Palm Sunday

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day we remember Jesus' triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. I will be celebrating by making my own triumphant entrance into my sister's house! I am beyond excited, as she has lived about 9 hours away in Virginia for several years and I hadn't been able to get down there yet. I'm not stoked about the super long drive with three kids, but my pop is going with me which will make it a lot less stressful.

Some random stuff -- I have temporarily deep-sixed the steroid that the Barnacle has been on. In the past week he has become acquainted with a new emotion - RAGE. He turned into a very angry child since he started the Pulmicort. Yesterday I had to bear-hug him to restrain him while giving him a nebulizer treatment, during which he screamed bloody murder. He managed to get one arm free, turn and say "NO!" and slap me in the face. I was so stunned that I wasn't even able to get mad! But it was also upsetting because this is clearly not normal behavior for my little guy. So for now I'm stopping the steroid and just using the Albuterol, at least for my trip. The last thing I need on a long trip out of town is an insanely angry 17 month old with teeth.

Off to bed now as it'll be an early morning!

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