Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Man!

Today is the Man's birthday! He requested brownies which are cooling on the counter right now, and I've got a steak on the grill for him. Let the gluttony begin!

I'm still praying about all my stuff. I'm asking for discernment, because I feel confused by the 'answers' that I've gotten so far. I don't want to be led the wrong way, following Ishmael when I should be waiting for Isaac. The very good thing about this confusing time is that I know that it will lead me closer to Him, and will teach me something really awesome! Isn't it so fab to know that everytime life gets nutty, He's up there saying, "Ok, just wait til she sees how I'm going to turn this into something amazing for her to learn!" He does rock like that.

"Our happiness rests on our knowledge of and obedience to the Word of God. The more we stray from it, the more our lives will be in disarray; and the more we cling to it, the more our lives, even if full of challenge and suffering, will be characterized by a contented happiness that only God can give." - Read that on the Making Home blog today and found it so true & so comforting.

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