Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clayton's Desk

It's a lovely morning and I'm sitting with my second cuppa whilst I dream of a room all my own. I can't remember if I've talked about my room or not, but I like to gabble about it. I have many hopes and dreams for that little room. Currently it is mostly the nursery, where the Barnacle and his mountains of clothes are housed. (I counted his pants at one point and he had like 39 pairs of pants. It's ridiculous.)(No, I don't shop too much, they are 99% hand-me-downs.) It is also where my desk is. And when you read the words 'my desk' you need to accompany them in your mind with trumpets and angelic voices. It is thee most fantastic desk and I love it.

It's old and worn and stained, and came from my step-grandfather, a man I only knew for a short time, but truly adored. I have great plans to write my novel at this desk. However, it being in the nursery presents the problem. I can really only write with some semblance of peace and quiet, and I can only get that semblance when the baby is asleep.... but of course he sleeps in that room. So for now I must write on my lap in the living room, which is hardly a romantic or quiet spot but will have to do until the Barnacle is old enough to share a room with his brother upstairs.

So for now the desk has piles of stuff on it, and laundry to be put away, and so forth. It will remain my great treasure for now, waiting to be used and adored. The room itself will develop around the desk when the time comes. My sister bought me thee cutest wallpaper border to use someday - red bandanas! Oh it makes a cowgirl's heart sing. I also have my sewing table in there, and some Rubbermaids full of fabrics and projects. When we were clearing out my grandmother's house last summer I found some quilting projects she had started, and I carefully saved every little vintage scrap of fabric she had cut out. I'll have to blog about that at some point, as the fabrics are really amazing.
I'm also giving thought to what I will call the room when it's all mine. It won't be the nursery anymore, but I don't want to be lame and just call it My Office. It will also be a Sewing Room, so an office title wouldn't work. I'll have to think about it. I certainly have the time!


Trish D said...

Very cool desk! I think you need a "Creative Cave" (an absolutely awful name, but I like the idea of it being a hiding place ;)

Pepperpot said...

hahaaa... well, I do have a 'cave' in my house already though... my dryer is in Tom's work room, and I call it the Bat Cave. :P