Sunday, March 23, 2008

Celebrating Resurrection Day

Oh prepare my dears, I was in a funk today. Feel free to stop reading now before I ruin your good mood.

The day started with a night of not-so-great-sleep for our household, with a fretful babe who had to cry it out, and a husband throwing up. I got the better end of the deal with the beginning of a head cold that has left me foggy and raw. My poor Man however, stayed pretty green for most of the day, so the Easter celebrations went on without him. The Princess & the Boy were up at 5am (according to the very sick Man) and came to ask me if they could look for eggs at 7am. And bad mother that I am today, I told them to go for it and put my pillow over my head and went back to sleep. I did finally pry myself loose though, and got up and even fed them, though I'm certain they were quite stuffed with chocolate by then. I took the kids and went to church, wanting to get there early to get seats before all the Chreasters take them. And yes, I called them Chreasters, and yes I am aware that it's rude and disrespectful and clearly I need to work on my attitude to the poor souls who only come to church on Christmas & Easter. But having to sit next to a teenage girl who huffed and sighed and snapped her gum and flipped her hair on me through the entire 60 minutes grated on my ever lovin' last nerve.

I so wanted to enjoy the service this morning, and celebrate the resurrection of my Savior. I had quite the internal dialogue going for most of the morning, wanting to rejoice, but wanting to stew, and confessing and repenting of my grumpy attitude at least 17 times. I knew I was being childish and I'm sorry for it. I just need to get over it, I know! I just was bummed that the Man was sick and I felt like crap. And I realized at one point that I had not had ANY coffee this morning and that I had set myself up for disaster! I won't make that mistake again! The music was very lovely, with the children's choirs, senior choir and signing choir all performing their pieces. The Hallelujah Chorus always makes me tear up, as did the final hymn, 'Because He Lives'. When we sing that final line about one day crossing the river and meeting Jesus.... well, I just about can't stand that we have to wait a lifetime to do it. How blessed we are in Him.

The second half of the day was (yet another) egg hunt and then dinner with the Man's family. I was sad he couldn't come with us, but I did pack up a HUGE plate of food to bring home to him. Hopefully he can eat it tomorrow once he stops praying for death. I enjoy visiting with my in-laws and the cousins had a fine time tearing around the house together and bowling on the Wii. The Barnacle really liked the hors d'oeuvres, daintily sampling each one and then carefully placing the warm and chewed food back in the dish. He is simply beyond charming no matter what he does really.

Rejoice! He is risen!

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