Sunday, March 9, 2008

Peter's Sin

The sermon this morning was very interesting....

Pastor talked about Peter, and his very public & vehement denial of Christ. We know the story, he cursed and swore that he did not know the man, and then realized as the cock crowed what he had done and was heartbroken over it. The sermon focused on the three things that Peter did that we must do when we feel guilt & shame over our sin.

1. Peter stayed in the fellowship. When we see our sin and those we hurt, we just want to go away and hide, away from those who remember. Judas made that choice. He left before the last supper was even finished, under the pretense to go buy bread. But they all knew why he left, and we certainly don't read that they waited around for him to get back before they went to the Garden of Gesthemane. He walked out into the night alone. They didn't care that he was going because he'd been stealing from them all along. He handled his guilt and shame alone, trying to give back the money and ultimately killing himself. But Peter not only went back to the fellowship, he confessed his sin and was welcomed back. That brings us to the second thing...

2. Peter confessed what he had done. Mark's gospel was the first one written. He wrote down what Peter preached, which means that Peter told the story of his own sin. Mark's is the only account that mentions that Peter not only denied Christ, but that he swore (like a fisherman!) when he did so. We don't read that people remembered his sin - oh no, cover your ears, it's that cursing fisherman Peter! They didn't bring it up, Peter did.

3. He believed that his sin was forgiven by the death of Jesus on the cross. He was handpicked by Jesus and spent three years with Him. He knew the Truth.

When we feel guilt over our past sins, it is sometimes because God is warning us not to fall into that sin again. The Holy Spirit convicts us and makes us uncomfortable for that reason. In the end though, we must accept our forgiveness.

What a great sermon about moving past our own guilt, and living the life He has meant us to live!

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