Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Boy is faster than western security

From September 4, 2007

We've missed attending church a lot this summer since we've been away most weekends. We had been wanting to go to church somewhere in the area of the campground but hadn't ever managed to do it. Some of our friends who have sites at the same place recently went to a megachurch nearby and really liked it. The man who owns/runs our campground goes to this church which is how we found it. It's so very different from our church, in good and bad ways.... They had really amazing classrooms for the kids though, and you register the kids at one of the check-in desks. They put you into the computer and print labels that go on each kid, and on you, and you get a pager too. The pager is on each sticker, along with any special instructions. (Yes, I was in OCD heaven, haaa) When I was filling out the paper with the kids' info I wrote under the Boy's special needs 'He wanders'. (My husband laughed, but he KNOWS that this is true and people must be warned!) Well, anything you put in that section goes onto their tag by code, so if they don't have a code for it I guess it doesn't go on the tag. After the service we went to go get the kids, and the Boy met us in the lobby area of the kids classrooms! He looked about ready to cry too, probably since the place is huge and it was crowded. The Man asked him what he was doing and the Boy replied, 'I was looking for mommy!'
I told the Man that I'd better go tell them in his classroom that he had gotten out so they didn't worry when they realized. (They check your stickers when you come for your child, and if you don't have your sticker you don't get your kid!) The main teacher happened to be our campground owner, lol, so I found him right away. I told him that the Boy had met us in the lobby and his eyes popped, lol. I told him that I had put it on the card I filled out, and he said that he would try to get that added into their coding system..... which totally cracked me up! We found out later that they even called a staff meeting afterwards to discuss the failure! I guess I shouldn't laugh, because it was a big deal to them, since they are really very thorough. But the Boy just threw them all for a loop because nothing and no one can keep him in. He's always been an escape artist and a wanderer!