Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Repent ye sinners! The end draws nigh!

Ok, so maybe that's too dramatic, but really, the descent into mini-van ownership has not been my finest hour. The pain is two-fold. First off, I so loved my truck. It was big and phat and I could squish nearly anyone else on the road. It was such a great truck. The oil leak only bothered the Man, and who knows what heads and cams are anyways? I can't be bothered with such trivial things. So it was a sad and mournful day when I handed over the keys to my beloved SUV. I let the Man handle it as if we were putting down a beloved family pet. He left alone and we spoke very little about what was going to be happening while he was gone. When he came home I stayed in the house, not wanting to see the replacement pet - err, vehicle, in the driveway where my trusty friend should have been.

So now here I am, the owner of a MINI VAN. Oh it hurts to even type it. A reliable and practical vehicle that gets excellent gas mileage. Sigh. It has those automated sliding doors which although convenient, I find insanely pretentious. (How lazy are we that we can't open our own doors?) The kids are so excited; to them it's like we won the lottery. I will admit that it will be nice to have easier access to that third row of seating, so I don't have to have all three of my monkeys sitting right next to each other. Much less hair-pulling and eye-poking in the future will be a plus, especially for the Princess who was at the receiving end of most of that.

So onward and upward as they say.

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Jenn said...

I lost my SUV the same month i turned 30 - it was not fun. But I did learn to love the bells and whistles of my mini-van until 18 months later I had to trade it in for the 15-passenger could be worse!