Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This & That

ADHD and ODD: Parenting Your Defiant Child - This is interesting to me, because I occasionally see the ODD behavior in E. It's usually in the evening, when meds are out of his system and he gets really wound up. He isn't hugely defiant, but he will be obnoxious and annoy his siblings on purpose. I don't know that this is real ODD behavior though, because it also seems like normal 10 year old boy stuff.

A Potential Natural Treatment  for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder:  Evidence From a National  Study - I'm printing this to go in the notebook I keep of E's records and stuff. Tom and I say all the time that we wish we could be raising E in the country. It's an out-of-reach dream, but this piece is encouraging me to find ways to fit it into our suburban life somehow.

Bunny Chow - This stuff is evil. Do not make it. You have been warned.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gym Soap

Because I am cheap I like to use the showers at my gym after I exercise. I like using someone else's hot water, and given the high price of oil and the small $10 monthly fee I pay for gym membership, I'm pretty sure those showers 3 days a week are more than paying for themselves.

The one problem I've been having is that those poofy scrubs we all use these days don't travel well. I'm so used to using one with a shower gel that going back to a washcloth from my childhood is just weird. I tried the kids' Johnson & Johnson Easy Grip Soap but my skin is too sensitive for it.

So here's my solution; I used the snack bag pattern, cut a washcloth in half, and that's it. I can put in a bar of Dove Sensitive, and fold the flap over to use.  Then later throw the little bag in the laundry with my gym clothes. Very happy with this solution!

{The picture on the left is with a bar in it, and I don't know why it looks crooked, I promise it's not. The one on the right is what it looks like right after you sew it, before you fold it right side out.}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tenth Birthday

Disclaimer: I'm aware that I probably don't have a Christian attitude about this topic. I don't care. I have had enough of politically correct nonsense.

E turned 10 this week. Are we really more than halfway done raising him? That doesn't seem realistic, ha!

We were told at the beginning of the school year that the 4th grade teachers would like it if we sent in a book for the class library in place of cupcakes or some other birthday treat. The reason given was that they have so many students with food allergies. And the unspoken reason is that you shouldn't exclude anyone in a celebration. They don't want you sending in birthday invitations to the class either, unless every student is being invited.
I love his teachers, but I have a problem with this. First, because I think it's silly and unrealistic to teach children that they won't ever be left out, or that no one is going to hurt their feelings by excluding them. I don't throw a tantrum every time I go to a party or wedding and everyone gets to drink but me. Second, let's call a spade a spade, shall we? My son gets excluded from everything. None of these kids are inviting him to their house or their birthday parties. So I'm not going to feel bad for one minute if one of them doesn't get to eat some of the birthday treats that my son brings to school that day. I sent in cookies with no nuts, but that's as far as I'm going. My son has been bullied and picked on and excluded and I could care less if your kid doesn't get to eat a treat that day.

So all that crankiness aside, here is what E got for his birthday....

That tiny little creature is a dwarf hamster named Amy, and we are all in love! E was sitting on the couch opening his new Lego Ninjago set, and Tom came to him and said to put it down for a second. He did, and then Tom said, "Hold this", and handed him the hamster. He nearly dropped her in surprise, and his reaction was so precious. I asked him what he thought after a minute, and he could barely get out the words, "I love it". (Yes, I cried. Shut up.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faces of Addiction

There is an amazing Flickr album by a photographer named Chris Arnade, featuring addicts and alcoholics. The pictures are beautiful and heartbreaking. Each picture has a description underneath of who the person is and a bit of their story.

Faces of Addiction

One of the stories:
"Chris Bishop was drinking in front of a liquor store when we met. A resident in the local homeless shelter he told me the following.
At the age of thirteen, Chris killed his father, stabbing him with a knife after a childhood of abuse. He spent the next eighteen years in correctional facilities. 'When he was drunk and mad he would hold me out the apartment window and threaten to drop me to the street, eight floors below. He beat me and my mother all the time. I have been drinking ever since. To forget.'
When I asked how he wanted to be described, his eyes teared up and he said "I am human, like everyone else."

There are more than fifty others there, and well worth reading and viewing. 

Friday, March 16, 2012


I don't feel like blogging when I feel like this, but I'm making myself do it anyway because I know it always makes me feel better. I don't have much to say that doesn't involve complaining about crappy neighborhood kids who are mean to my son, or me feeling like dirt because of the stupid thyroid medication. I told Janet that I need a girls' night out pronto.  I have faith that God has His hand in everything. I have faith that He can and will work it for my good and His glory. I do. It just sucks waiting for the good part to arrive, especially when your child is lonely and sad. There is nothing more painful for me, and I fully admit to not handling it well ever.

Tom is going to night shift for a few weeks. Now that busy season is beginning he brought home the work truck again, much to all of our delight. The boys LOVE that giant truck, we save on gas money and I get to drive Tom's new sporty car. Win win!

The weather has been a bit ridiculous lately. Winter got vetoed somehow and we're fast forwarding through spring at an alarming pace. You can expect many grouchy posts if this leads us into an extra-hot summer. We all know how I feel about summer. Speaking of summer, the plans for vacation bible school are rolling. I don't know what I'm doing yet this year, but I do know that now that Janet is co-leading children's ministries, the opportunities to harass and annoy her are endless. It's good to have goals.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Clerk at Dollar Store: That'll be $17.96.
Woman Ahead of Me in Line at Dollar Store: Oh, look at this brush here. I think I want this brush too. I need a new brush. How much is it?
Insanely Patient Clerk at Dollar Store: It's one dollar.
Woman Ahead of Me in Line at Dollar Store Who Has No Awareness of the Six People in Line Behind Her: Yeah, I want to get this brush too. I like it.

TC is trudging across the living room.
Me: You okay, buddy?
TC: My eyes can't see becepts forwards.

He then laid down on the couch, pulling a quilt over himself, and was literally asleep thirty seconds later. Tom just got home and told me that when he was leaving for work (at 4am) the boys were wide awake and playing in their room. Apparently the time change has screwed them up a bit!

Random Stuff

I have my shiny happy laptop back. Yay for me. :)

I am slowly feeling better but finding it surprising at how long this medicine stays with you. Blech. I'm still praying for answers, and trying to not let it continue to get to me. I'm thankful for friends who pray. :)

We celebrated Tom's 40th birthday yesterday. It was an amazing day with friends & family. We asked guests to bring their spare change to donate to our Relay for Life team, which benefits the American Cancer Society. The donations came to $229! We're so pleased about this. Our team, Debby's Sweet Angels, will walk in the Relay this June.

Yes, TC is wearing a pumpkin costume. He really loves that thing and wears it often. This was his second costume of the day, as he wore his tiger one first. Such a character. :) 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I started taking a generic form of Synthroid a week ago, in an effort to bring down my TSH levels and get my thyroid to function correctly. I had high hopes for this because I have struggled with fatigue for as long as I can remember. In the past six months or so it got worse, combined with heart palpitations, hair loss, forgetfulness and muscle tremors.

After seven days I called my doctor today to tell him that not only am I not feeling any better, I feel about fifty times worse. I am so exhausted all day that I can barely keep my eyes open, and I have nausea all day long. I'm also non-stop starving and have gained two pounds. The muscle tremors are out of control. I mopped the family room today and afterwards couldn't stop shaking for hours. I'm on an emotional roller coaster where I'm joyful one minute and hysterically crying the next. I feel as if I'm going mad.

My doctor told me to stop taking the medication, and let it clear out of my system for two weeks. He said to call him after that and we'll talk about the options.

I just keep praying to God, and all I can say is 'Help.' I don't know what to ask for. There seem to be no answers or solutions and I just feel defeated. I don't feel that way all the time, because the emotional roller coaster is great that way. I was at the chiropractor yesterday, completely in knots and he was very concerned. He said I didn't even feel like me. He asked me how my stress level was and I said medium? I don't even know. It was the longest adjustment I've ever had, with deep tissue massage, this technique and that technique, and much pain. He finally got me all straightened out, and I told him that I had started taking a medication for my thyroid. He told me that the thyroid is 'his thing' and he loaned me a book. He's concerned that I could have Hashimoto Disease. I can't even let my mind go there at this point. He said it would mean giving up some things. I said you don't even know all that I've already given up. I quit smoking and got sober and lost weight and eat whole grains and tons of vegetables and I still feel awful. The unfairness of it just sucks.

Lord, show me the light in this darkness. Lead me out, because I don't know where I'm going or how to get there. I trust you, but I'm lost. Amen.

I just ate four Twix bars. Lest anyone think that Tom is not taking good care of me during my foray into insanity.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I think I forgot to mention that my laptop is in the shop yet again, hence the quiet blog. I should have it back in 2 to 4 weeks, oy. In the meantime, I'm of course using the disgusting family computer. I feel like I should get a tetanus shot after each use. I'm so glad we have a rule that no one can eat in front of this computer, otherwise it would have a keyboard with keys that stick because of all the crumbs and junk under them, or a sour milk smell from a drink that was spilled on it. Yeah, thank God we have that rule.