Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Very Pink Valentine's Day

I really need to get new batteries in my little voice recorder thinger, because I was thinking of thee funniest and witty things to write while I was driving today, and now they have all fled the premises of my wee brain.

I took the Boy to the doctor the other day because his eyes were all red and itchy. He's on drops which are way fun to apply. He's nearly 6 though, so he tolerates this much better than the Barnacle does. His eyes are already clear however, so we think it's just an allergic reaction to too much time around a friend's dog over the weekend. The Barnacle however, woke this morning with nasty green crusty eyes, so I took him in. (I think we're headed for a new record in co-pays this week, as I also have a sinus plague.) Anyhow, the Barnacle has the dreaded pink eye, and he does not handle the drops anywhere near as well as the Boy does. He's quite offended with me now, and is harumphing around the living room with blankey and binky to console himself. (I wonder why blankey gets an 'e' but binky doesn't.)

So it's Single Awareness Day, errr, Valentine's Day, and the Princess woke me with candy and cards this morning. I'm happy to confirm that chocolate and toffee were made for each other. The Man left me a box of chocolate and a very sweet card that made me all weepy. How did I get so blessed?

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