Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

Well let me add my post to the many, as I'm sure everyone with a blog in the northeast is talking about snow today! We've been living in hopeful anticipation for quite a while and today we woke up to the proverbial winter wonderland. It's spectacular! I am one of those odd ducks who enjoys shoveling, the more the better! I think I was meant to live in Maine really, and when the Man and I honeymooned there I think he could have easily talked me into staying there forever. *yearn*

I shoveled earlier and then helped the Boy work on a snow fort. The snow had already turned into a light misting rain, so who knows how long it will last. Hopefully long enough for me to take the older ones out sledding once the Man gets home. We have a soggy pile of wet mittens and boots in the breakfast room now so I should probably get out the drying rack. The Bickersons have been separated into their own rooms, the Barnacle is down for a nap, and I'm relaxing with hot cocoa. I'm watching Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin and wondering if I might be better suited for Alaska instead of Maine. All that salmon is pretty tempting.

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