Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amy's Challenge

Ok, so Amy wants me to do this fun little exercise and since she amuses me I will comply.

My middle name anagram thinger:

L: LOST - My favorite show and I'm insanely obsessed with it. I don't want to show all of my crazy, but I have a whole lot of links in my Lost favorites folder.

Y: I'm gettin hosed here, because there aren't a ton of Y words to use. All I can think of is YAMS, hahahaaa. No really, I can make this work. When we were TTC our first year of marriage, I was reading all I could about how to get pregnant. I read somewhere that something in yams could be helpful. So one night my little sister and I were in the grocery store at like one in the morning buying yams and toaster strudel and snickering like hyenas. It's one of our favorite memories.

N: Nerdy. I really am. Beyond all of the crazy wild past that I have, past all the cowgirl and tattoo exterior, I really am a big fat nerd. Example: The Man and I got our taxes done and are not so patiently waiting for our refund to arrive next week. And you know what I'm excited that I get to buy? Microsoft Word. Fa real ya'll. I think I even blogged about it yesterday too, which proves my nerdiness. It's even more exciting than when I bought my Mr. Clean broom, which was a banner day to say the least.

N: News. I'm kind of a news junkie. I read the news online a lot, and if I have the tv on while I'm doing stuff, it's always on a news channel.

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The Booker Blog said...

Ahem. Don't you mean, "because I love her soooo much, I will comply?!" Loves......