Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moms for Modesty

I saw the button for the Moms for Modesty on my friend Trish's blog and was very happy to sign my name to it. I'll be adding it to my sidebar shortly as well.
My daughter is 8½ and we have had some great conversations about modesty, why it's important to us and why it's important to God. She knows that we don't buy Bratz dolls because of their inappropriate clothing. When we were given a bag of hand-me-down clothes last year, the pair of shorts with 'Angel' written on the tush immediately went in the trash. (Why on earth anyone would want other people looking at their little girl's rear end is beyond me! Yuck!) I was really happy when we were shopping for school clothes last year and found that Old Navy carries longer length shirts. They even mark them that way so they are easy to find. I applaud & thank Old Navy for this!
I'm really pleased to find other moms out there who are doing what they can to protect their daughter's innocence, and I'm happy to pass the link along to my friends.

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