Monday, February 18, 2008

Date Night

The Man and I had a date last night! Shocking, I know! It's been simply ages since we have gone to eat a meal without any small people with us. I literally could not recall the last time we had done it, how sad is that? We had our couple's group scheduled for 7pmish, and my pop was watching the kids for us. I asked if he would mind coming two hours early and he was happy to oblige. Getting the Barnacle to this point of not needing to be nursed before bed is HUGE people, and I am so so happy about it. It was stellar to be able to leave all three kids for the whole evening.

I had assumed given our budget as of late that we would be dining at MickeyD's, but the Man had done some 'creative financing' and we instead went for Chinese. We went to a little place that I had actually never been to, but have decided it must forever be our date night location. We sat in a little 'bambooth', where we were closed in on 3 sides by bamboo, creating a romantic little nook just for us. The chandelier above our heads was an inflated puffer fish with a light bulb inside. I loved it! I ordered a ridiculously expensive seafood meal and moaned over each perfect bite. Real food that I didn't have to share. Bliss.

The best part of the evening though, was just the time that the Man and I had to spend together, uninterrupted. We have shamefully let too much time go by where we pay little attention to one another beyond basic pleasantries. But our date night worked out so well that we're planning to shoot for doing it every month before couple's group. It's odd how we just never get around to doing things, but now we're suddenly doing them. The bigger examples of this of course being that we have been praying together and doing family devotions as well. Why we didn't do this sooner escapes me, and truthfully, why we are somehow able to do it now escapes me as well. It's clearly a GOD thing because we're a couple of loons who can't get our acts together on our own. I feel so so blessed with our family life, now more than ever.

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