Friday, February 22, 2008

I have no title

I have such writer's block that I cannot even think of a title. How sad. The whole reason I started the blog was to have a convenient way to get back into writing, and to not have any excuses for slacking off. But instead I turn it into just a place to gabble about my kids and daily nonsense, which is all fine and good, but gets me nowhere in the big picture. I know, I need the practice, blahhh.

I was thinking about my book and wondering where it is. That's even sadder yet. I have it on disk someplace, but I don't know where. Since we got the two most recent computers, neither of which have floppy drives, I can't easily access the book, since it's on one of those ancient square disks someplace. So I need to dig that out TODAY and use the old dinosaur up in the Princess' room so I can burn it onto a disk actually made in this decade. I think if I can work on it on the laptop I will putter with it more frequently, and grease my gears so to speak.

And let's be perfectly honest here, the book is maybe only 3 chapters at this point? If that? I need to move beyond the cocktail napkin stage and get on with it.

Oh, and I just thought of something marvelous! *but wait, hold that thought, as I see the Barnacle wandering the living room with the toilet plunger.... oh wait, the Boy stole it and put it back.... well that was fun to watch play out* Ok, so the marvelous thing - we just had our taxes done this past week and will have our moolah a week from today! And it's higher than we expected, squee! I have plans to finally get Microsoft Word put on the laptop! (I could blog a whole separate post on how I think it's crap that I paid big bucks for a computer with an operating system that I hate that didn't even come with Word.) I definitely need Word on the laptop so I can open documents for the church newsletter that I edit, and then I could also use it to work on the book.

Stream of consciousness blogs are a bit hairy, arent' they?


Trish D said...

Why, hello there - Amy has outted you, and you've been added to my reader :)

Have you seen this site?

I'm no writer, but I'm a fan of Mary DeMuth (her site is and she also contributes to the writing blog.

Pepperpot said...

Ooo, thanks for the links! I'm happy to be outted, hahaa. ;)