Saturday, February 9, 2008

Good Things

So today is Saturday, normally a good thing, and yet I'm so not enjoying it. Everyone seems to be sick with something or other, except the Man who made dinner, bless him. I'm in a salty mood off and on, due earlier in part to the fact that our internet was down for half the day which is UNACCEPTABLE. I have standards ya'll.

The Princess is not a pleasant patient. She is ornery when she's not feeling good, so she's been a GEM today. We sent her to bed to read after she refused to eat any dinner.

The Boy is easier to deal with when sick. He just wants to lay around and watch tv and snuggle, all of which is doable.

The Barnacle isn't sick, he's just ONE and has discovered the unbridled joy in THROWING THINGS. At us. A lot. It's a precious phase.

You know what's good though? Today will be over soon.

Other good things:
I'm learning to drive stick shift! I'm practically a grownup!
Nilla Wafers
my hideous green quilt that my Gram made - so cozy
The Man and the Boy in the recliner together, watching car restoration shows
insouciance - a word I had actually never heard before until this week
God's provision - somehow He always manages to surprise us
good health insurance - Barnacle's surgery only cost us 25 bucks
a husband who comes home to me every night

Hey, whaddya know? I'm enjoying Saturday after all.

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