Friday, June 20, 2008

Titles and Stuff

So I'm braving it and putting my name on my signature here. I like my privacy, which is why I have been 'anonymous' so to speak, and why I keep my husband's and kids' names off of here as well. But one of my goals with blogging is to eventually become a published writer, and it won't help much to stay hidden.
And because I enjoy change so much, (and since no one answered me when I mentioned it before, *ahem*, I'm thinking of some changes in my format and title too. Pepperpottery is a fun word to say, but doesn't really mean anything, which is slightly embarrassing to explain when anyone asks.
My friend Trish had suggested Beauty for Ashes based on one of my previous posts, which I really love but I think has been taken by many others before me. I'm not ruling it out yet, but it's my back-up at this point.
We're leaving for the campground first thing tomorrow, and the rest of today will probably get away from me like it usually does, so for now I'll be pondering and hopefully will come back in a few days with a spectacular and inspirational title. Or at the very least, I'll come home with dirty laundry and a happy family and that will do nicely too.


Trish D said...

Transforming burnt bits into something beauteous? :)

I think something about a "journey" would be good, too, but the well of ideas is runnin' pretty dry right now.

BTW, I really enjoyed reading the story of Lily. I knew that you'd lost a child, but didn't know all the details (not exactly something that comes up in light conversation). I've never experienced loss like that, but you helped me understand just a bit more. I know it must have been difficult to share, but I thank you.

Shay said...

Burnt bits, haha!

I'm glad to share Lily's story, it means a lot to me to have people 'know' her in some way.