Monday, June 2, 2008

Church of Oprah

About two months ago my friend Trish blogged a bit about the silliness that has been going on with Oprah Winfrey. I guess I shouldn't call it silliness, it's actually quite serious how she is misleading people. Oprah has long bugged me with her new age take on religion, while she claimed to be some kind of Christian, or at least a believer in Jesus. One of her main issues that came up in that YouTube video is her being turned off by the scripture that says that God is a jealous God.

Spend a few minutes and read this article written by a Baptist minister that clarifies the jealousy issue. As he says in the article, "There are simply no substitutes for truth, and God is Truth." It truly saddens me to think how Oprah has missed the mark by such a measurable distance, and her fans may so easily be taken in by these falsehoods.


Life With My Boys..... said...

Hey Sweets! I would LOVE to get together tomorrow, but I do need a ride. Is that too much of a hassle? We just bought a booster seat at a yard sale last weekend, so I'd only need to move one carseat....that is if I remember!

Tom said...

Being a good person alone is not enough to get you into heaven. her comments on believing there are other ways to get to heaven is not only against Biblical Teaching, its a clear example of someone attempting to stretch Christianity to fit today's culture. I can't help but think of how Hard it is for a rich man (woman) to get into heaven. She is truly lost...and someone to be prayed for.

I think its cool that you've caught on. I've heard so many Christians say how much they love her...but yet have no idea that she has actually taught classes that are counter-christian. amazing.

Beacon2Light said...

Got to love the Casting Crowns song "If His People Pray" - "stop asking Oprah what to do"