Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogs I Read

I am really excited about the new blog listing feature down there on the right. Probably too excited. But anyone who knows me knows how very much I like to organize and arrange things, and the new tool is way better than the old way of just a list of links. I'm also considering changing some of my format, because I am just not crazy about the black and white text on brown. Thoughts anyone?

I decided to go through my list while I was at it, and remove one or two that I have stopped reading (or they have stopped writing), and also add a few that I've begun reading recently. The first is Bring the Rain, a blog that Amy told me about. I'll let that one speak for itself, and just say that if you do go read, be sure to start from the beginning, and bring tissues.

Another new one on my list is written by a gentleman I knew in college, Valentine Brkich. His blog, which consists of articles he has written for The Point North magazine, is about his new adventure into fatherhood. He is truly funny and endearing. You may look at his last name and think what one of our college professors thought, that he needed to buy a vowel. Or you may recognize his name and wonder if he is related to another Brkich that you've seen on TV. Being a person of odd last names myself (both maiden and married, oy), I think his last name is just fine, and I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him in the days to come.

I also added another college acquaintance, Tom Ayres, who happens to be a fraternity brother of Val. His most recent entry about how he knows he's competitive had me in stitches.

I have more blogs to add, but I need to go find them in the laptop and haven't had the time to do so. I have a pile of blogs about writing and publishing that I've been reading but don't have them saved on the Sticky Thing, so they must wait.

We're leaving for the campground after the kids get out of school today, so I'll be back on Monday. I said a while ago that I would post about my miscarriage, and have been in the process of editing. I'll put it up next week.

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