Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too Many Labels

I bet that based on that title you're thinking that I'm going to say something truly profound about the way that we pre-judge other people, and how in today's society we simply must put an end to such shallow definitions. But alas, I am not that deep, at least not right after I finish the dinner dishes and collapse into this chair to putter about the internet.
No my dears, I just have too many labels on the blog. I spent some time earlier today trying to tidy them up from their unruly state. I had a lot that were only used once that I condensed or removed. There are some however, that will remain no matter what, such as the Michael Jackson label. The cheese stands alone. Or, the crazy man-child stands alone, whatever you prefer. (Of course, mentioning it in this posting allows me to go from 1 to 2 Michael Jackson entries, thereby justifying his presence.)
I promise I will come back to this project, hopefully after I put the kids to bed tonight. I am thinking of some kind of homemaking label, so I can mush together cooking, sewing and tattoos.

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