Saturday, April 26, 2008

Long live the Bobos!

Remember Bobo's? (2nd definition listed, not the first, haha) They were thee sneakers to have in the late 80s, at least in my little corner of the world. They were plain white canvas, very cheap, and went with everything. And they were like 2 bucks. (Remember the song?) Oh, and most importantly, they lasted forever, or at least until you outgrew them or wore them in the creek. (pronounced crick. don't question it.) They did eventually come out with the ones with the blue stripe which was quite a big deal.

Yesterday the Princess showed me that her very fancy sparkly Hannah Montana sneakers were coming apart. (The sole was flapping which really amused me. She didn't find it so funny.) So out we went to hunt for new shoes. Being the super-consumer that she is, the Princess already had the exact shoes picked out before we even left the house. They are High School Musical sneakers. Seriously. And they cost TEN times more than a pair of Bobo's did! Ok, so that sounds dramatic and they were only twenty bucks, but really.... Whatever happened to two dollar sneakers? She's going to outgrow them in four months anyway! And they don't have laces! They have weird bungees up the middle topped by one strap of Velcro. How lazy are we now??

Did I mention that she's been asking for a cell phone? Did I mention that she is EIGHT? *sigh*

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