Thursday, April 10, 2008

National Alcohol Screening Day

Today, as the title implies, is National Alcohol Screening Day, or as I would have called it 10 years ago, I Am Not An Alcoholic Because I Only Drink Beer Day. Funny how the mind works, as I remember having quite the odd conversation about alcoholism back when the Man and I were still just friends. Several of my girlfriends were concerned, and appointed him to be The One who would speak to me about this. I thought it was utterly ridiculous that they really thought that someone could be an alcoholic when they didn't drink any of the 'hard stuff'. Amateurs.

Illogical reasoning aside, I eventually moved from beer to harder stuff anyway, and my last drink was wine. My last drunk was at a Memorial Day party, where I drank two bottles of wine. And of course that meant the big 3 liter bottles. The Man wanted to go home after a while, and I didn't, so he took the Princess and left me there. I thought he was being a stick in the mud. Looking back later, I could see my behavior in a more truthful light, and how I willfully chose to stay and continue to drink rather than go home with my family. I don't even remember how I got home that night.

All I can say to that is thank God I don't have to live that way anymore.

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