Friday, April 11, 2008


I've had this cranky pain in my neck for about, oh.... a year or so now. At some point I sprained my trapezius and went to physical therapy for that. Which led me to finally realize that my neck was really bad and I needed to do something about it. I went and got an x-ray, which was negative, so the doctor suggested an MRI. He also said that based on the 413 knots in the muscles of my neck that I need to go back to physical therapy. I don't know how said knots got there, but I'm pretty sure that toting the Barnacle around all the time is not helping them any.

Now I was pretty sure that I'd had an MRI before, and stuff like this doesn't bother me so long as no one pokes me with pointy things. I'm also not claustrophobic in the least, so I wasn't worried.

As it turns out, the MRI I thought I had of my sinuses a few years ago was actually a CT Scan, because what they did today was totally different. Appparently MRI stands for Mortuary Resting & iTunes, because they stuff you in a coffin to relax with headphones on. It's an odd experience. Once they slide you into your tight little casket you are informed that you cannot move, which is right about when your nose begins to itch. You forget that fairly quickly though, as they begin jackhammering around your head. At first you think there's been a mistake, as no one warned you that there was construction going on. You think about asking someone, but are pretty sure no one will hear your screams over the thunderous noise.
It lasted about twenty minutes and then I was resurrected from my tomb. When I sat up from the table I felt like I was getting off the merry-go-round. There is something that my sinuses do not like about loud noise and vibration, because either tends to make me dizzy. (And my aversion to super loud music has nothing to do with getting old, no matter what the Man says.)

Hopefully should have some answers on Monday. In the meantime, I'm so happy it's Friday! Can someone inform my children that they are all required to sleep in tomorrow? Thanks!

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Trish said...

Sorry you had to go through an MRI! My hubby said his was just as awful as yours! Hope you hear back soon and you'll be able to find a solution!