Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beginning of the Camping Season

We started our camping season this past weekend. It was beautiful on Friday, but Saturday brought cold and grey weather, and bored and annoying children. We managed to keep them busy with s'mores and the sandbox, and the Barnacle explored new ways to bruise every inch of his pumpkinhead.

This was the SAR-EX weekend, which is the yearly training event held by the Pennsylvania Search and Rescue Council. So our campground was overrun with search-people and dogs. This is one of my favorite weekends because I know that if the Boy wanders, I have hundreds of people just itching to search and rescue someone. I considered renting him out for a hefty fee, as I know he would certainly give them their money's worth. Come to think of it, I should sneak into the testing tent next year and try my hand at the written exam. I've certainly had enough on the job training. That could be a good speaking gig too I bet, or maybe a book deal. "How I Survived Raising the Wandering Boy", in stores now!

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