Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Denim Quilt

For many years I have been working on my denim quilt. It originally began when I had some extra jeans, and then as I lost weight, had even more extra jeans. So I've just been adding to it here and there over the years, and it now finally looks like this:

It is gigantic to say the least. It is wide enough to cover my queen sized bed from floor to floor. A year or two ago I found the perfect backing fabric, a wooly blue plaid. It's already sewn together, and I have the batting that I got on sale a few years ago too. It is now ready to be layered together and pinned. However, the whole project is at a stand still for a few very good reasons.

One - small but very demanding people in my house
Two - no place to lay it out and still have room to get around it to pin it together and make the quilt sandwich
Three - see number One

So since I do not have enough floor space to do this at home, my plan now is to take it up to my church and lay it out in the big gathering room where I can do it with room to spare. Now I just have to get past reason number Four, which is of course procrastination.

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Shannon said...

Glad you liked the link. It really is too cute. :) Looks like you would be the one to do it too. That quilt is cool. I'm jealous of your sewing abilities. It's a Christian kind of jealousy of course. :)