Monday, April 7, 2008

Ah Winter, I hardly knew ye!

Much to my chagrin, winter is pretty much over. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the winter-time, and look forward to wearing heavy sweaters and snow boots. Alas, this winter is fading and I don't think I got to wear my snow boots more than once. We have been cheated! Boo! I am thankful though, that the kids did get that one good snow day where the Man could take them sledding. :) And the wonderful trade-off of losing my favorite season, is that soon it will be warm enough for camping.

Didn't sleep well last night, or any recent night really. I can't seem to turn my brain off for some reason. So today is a caffeine day for sure.
So it's Monday, and I'm puttering. Got some things done around the house, and then was quite surprised to see the Man walk in the door before noon! Apparently he is starting night shift tonight, and no one told him. So he is sleeping now, and will have to make that fun time adjustment on very short notice. We aren't complaining though, because night shift is very good money. Thank you Lord for always providing!
The Barnacle is sick yet again, so he's needing a lot of cuddling and tissues. Not much more to say about that, as it's been our swan song all winter really. I guess that can be my other silver lining to the end of winter; hopefully his lungs will finally clear up.

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Trish D said...

Yes, bring on the warmer temps and healthier children!!

Happy for your unexpected financial blessing...