Thursday, February 9, 2012


While we were getting E's glasses the other day a young woman walked through with long dark hair streaked with royal blue. We eyed each other up, and as she passed me I said, "Nice hair." She smirked and said thanks.  It felt kind of weird. It made me wonder if that's how celebrities feel if they arrive on the red carpet and find that someone else is wearing the exact same dress. I'm pretty sure it's exactly like that.

TC is on this kick where he talks constantly about his future house. (He also calls it his museum.) It started out with just ideas for his man cave but has grown from there. And for some reason, all of this discussion seems to come out while we're in the car. Everywhere we drive, I hear about the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the electric money machine, how robbers will be kept out, where he will sleep and how he will still love me and I can visit anytime. This has led to statements such as, "Mom, the best thing about my museum is the teeny, tiny Bigfoot. But don't touch him; he bites." or "All the animals in my museum are free, becepts the Bigfoot. He costs 150."


KateO said...

omgosh, I love it. That is sooo funny!
becept! because/except combo? Kid is a genius. He is so cute.
you have to buy him that sign, I hope you did!

Shay said...

Yeah, he's stuck with the 'becepts' word for at least a year now, it kills me. And no, I didn't buy him the man cave sign because he picked out a stuffed wolf that was already overpriced, lol.

Jeff and Meg said...

He's so cute! At least you can come visit him at the museum/man cave. James has gone into extensive planning for his future farm, and apparently my place there is to run the gardens and keep chickens. I think I can handle that!

BeLoVed AiMeE said...

So cute. Funny, jack has yet to kick the "becept" habit. It wax cute but hes 8 now lol.