Friday, February 10, 2012


What's the word for when you're brushing your teeth and you accidentally slam your brush into your gums causing excruciating pain? There has to be a word for that, because I seem to do it all the time.  And after I did it this week it occurred to me that I really need to stop swearing so much.  The problem is that to just quit doing something, you really need something else to fill the void. So I need new swear words. I don't mean 'drat' or 'gee whiz' or 'Jiminy Nutbars'! (which is TC's current exclamation.) (Man, my kids are weird.) I need something that I will actually use and stick with.

Today I'm trying out, "Newman!" in place of my favorite four letter word. We'll see how it goes.


Jeff and Meg said...

The 'fake' words seem to lack potency, don't they! I hope Newman works for you. :)

Theresa said...

I love Newman too!

Brownie said...

I've been trying to get Red off of the slang words he's picking up at school.

I'm training him to say "oh NO!" - I know they don't have the potency. I have had the bad habit of saying Oh CRAP! until I heard it come out of Red's mouth... I stopped.

Don't I sound like a prude? LOL!
When we've spent time with Grandma Red has the habit of muttering "oh dear, oh DEAR!"

Thenonbloggingfriend said...

Son of a biscuit is my current favorite ;)