Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poppyseed Chicken Casserole

I keep hearing about this casserole. People speak of it in such reverent tones that I decided I needed to go find the recipe. I kept thinking, what is so great about poppy seeds? I like poppy seed dressing but really, it's not the seeds that make it so good, it's all the dressing surrounding it.

So I found the recipe here: Weeknight Bites, Heather's Poppyseed Casserole

And you know what? You people are KIDDING yourselves. This is not about poppy seeds. This casserole is nothing but a vehicle for full fat cream soup, sour cream, saltines and butter. There is one spoonful of said seeds in the entire thing. I am not fooled!  I mean, I'm tempted certainly, but not fooled. I'm not buying poppy seeds just so I can make this. I can stir up a pan of dairy & fat, throw in some chicken and call it Awesome Casserole without the pretension of the Poppyseed title. I'll let you know how it turns out. (You'll find me licking the pan clean, who are we kidding.)


Theresa said...

Amanda talks about this every time she goes to her girlfriend's house for dinner. I love poppy seed salad dressing. It's been my dressing of choice for a while now.

How was the report card?

Trish D said...

Yes, it's awesome. I was introduced to it when I went home with my college roommate over a long weeekend, and her mother served it for dinner -- I asked for the recipe after the first bite :) I usually serve it with pasta to cut the decadent factor a bit (Smart Taste pasta, just so I can sneak in a bit more fiber)

Jeff and Meg said...

Funny! It is really unhealthy, but really good. My version has more poppy seeds in it though. I get them at the Amish market because they are way cheaper.

KateO said...

I have to say, I don't care for it like, love it and drool over it and put it on my 'regulars' menu. I made it a couple of weeks ago and laughed at its ingrediants, but I had to try it becuase of how people rave about it. I like my other go to chick casserole better, same ingrediants but with stuffing and butter on the top instead of ritz crackers and butter.