Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blog Traffic

Last week I pinned (on Pinterest, for those of you not yet familiar) the blog post that I wrote about my son and ADHD: 13 Things my ADHD Child Wishes You Knew. I hoped that others might find it encouraging or informative.  This morning I checked my blog traffic and was stunned:

I also have several comments from people on the Pinterest page itself, all of them thankful or encouraging. I am truly in awe that there has been such a response to that post. It's very humbling and I thank you all. I'm especially thankful for those who are in the same boat as me, because we need each other's support to raise our ADHD kids.


Jeff and Meg said...

That is great! I am sure you have encouraged a lot of people.

Brownie said...

I've just recently started reading blogs again... so I must have missed that one.

could you post a link to that one? :)

Shay said...

The link is in the post :) Just click the '13 things' title.

Brownie said...

Oh... DUH! Thanks *blush*