Monday, March 26, 2012

Gym Soap

Because I am cheap I like to use the showers at my gym after I exercise. I like using someone else's hot water, and given the high price of oil and the small $10 monthly fee I pay for gym membership, I'm pretty sure those showers 3 days a week are more than paying for themselves.

The one problem I've been having is that those poofy scrubs we all use these days don't travel well. I'm so used to using one with a shower gel that going back to a washcloth from my childhood is just weird. I tried the kids' Johnson & Johnson Easy Grip Soap but my skin is too sensitive for it.

So here's my solution; I used the snack bag pattern, cut a washcloth in half, and that's it. I can put in a bar of Dove Sensitive, and fold the flap over to use.  Then later throw the little bag in the laundry with my gym clothes. Very happy with this solution!

{The picture on the left is with a bar in it, and I don't know why it looks crooked, I promise it's not. The one on the right is what it looks like right after you sew it, before you fold it right side out.}

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Jeff and Meg said...

You are so clever!