Monday, March 12, 2012


Clerk at Dollar Store: That'll be $17.96.
Woman Ahead of Me in Line at Dollar Store: Oh, look at this brush here. I think I want this brush too. I need a new brush. How much is it?
Insanely Patient Clerk at Dollar Store: It's one dollar.
Woman Ahead of Me in Line at Dollar Store Who Has No Awareness of the Six People in Line Behind Her: Yeah, I want to get this brush too. I like it.

TC is trudging across the living room.
Me: You okay, buddy?
TC: My eyes can't see becepts forwards.

He then laid down on the couch, pulling a quilt over himself, and was literally asleep thirty seconds later. Tom just got home and told me that when he was leaving for work (at 4am) the boys were wide awake and playing in their room. Apparently the time change has screwed them up a bit!

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