Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faces of Addiction

There is an amazing Flickr album by a photographer named Chris Arnade, featuring addicts and alcoholics. The pictures are beautiful and heartbreaking. Each picture has a description underneath of who the person is and a bit of their story.

Faces of Addiction

One of the stories:
"Chris Bishop was drinking in front of a liquor store when we met. A resident in the local homeless shelter he told me the following.
At the age of thirteen, Chris killed his father, stabbing him with a knife after a childhood of abuse. He spent the next eighteen years in correctional facilities. 'When he was drunk and mad he would hold me out the apartment window and threaten to drop me to the street, eight floors below. He beat me and my mother all the time. I have been drinking ever since. To forget.'
When I asked how he wanted to be described, his eyes teared up and he said "I am human, like everyone else."

There are more than fifty others there, and well worth reading and viewing. 

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