Friday, March 23, 2012

Tenth Birthday

Disclaimer: I'm aware that I probably don't have a Christian attitude about this topic. I don't care. I have had enough of politically correct nonsense.

E turned 10 this week. Are we really more than halfway done raising him? That doesn't seem realistic, ha!

We were told at the beginning of the school year that the 4th grade teachers would like it if we sent in a book for the class library in place of cupcakes or some other birthday treat. The reason given was that they have so many students with food allergies. And the unspoken reason is that you shouldn't exclude anyone in a celebration. They don't want you sending in birthday invitations to the class either, unless every student is being invited.
I love his teachers, but I have a problem with this. First, because I think it's silly and unrealistic to teach children that they won't ever be left out, or that no one is going to hurt their feelings by excluding them. I don't throw a tantrum every time I go to a party or wedding and everyone gets to drink but me. Second, let's call a spade a spade, shall we? My son gets excluded from everything. None of these kids are inviting him to their house or their birthday parties. So I'm not going to feel bad for one minute if one of them doesn't get to eat some of the birthday treats that my son brings to school that day. I sent in cookies with no nuts, but that's as far as I'm going. My son has been bullied and picked on and excluded and I could care less if your kid doesn't get to eat a treat that day.

So all that crankiness aside, here is what E got for his birthday....

That tiny little creature is a dwarf hamster named Amy, and we are all in love! E was sitting on the couch opening his new Lego Ninjago set, and Tom came to him and said to put it down for a second. He did, and then Tom said, "Hold this", and handed him the hamster. He nearly dropped her in surprise, and his reaction was so precious. I asked him what he thought after a minute, and he could barely get out the words, "I love it". (Yes, I cried. Shut up.)


Jeff and Meg said...

I, too, think having to invite the whole class is stupid! I mean, really, is that necessary?

Beacon2Light said...

Political correctness and the efforts to inflate everyone's self-esteem has led us nowhere positive.

Kids need to deal with the real world that they live in. Ideas like sacrifice (if you have food allergies, that means you let the cupcakes pass you by) and life lessons like sometimes people are mean or insensitive and you learn how to deal with it are a part of growing up in a sin-saturated, fallen world. Forget a liberal utopia on this Earth, I'll save that for Heaven.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

What did he name his new little friend?!

As for inviting everyone in the class - yeah, I'll get right on that. Who could afford that anyway?

Theresa said...

Oh, I cried too! He looks so happy. And political correctness?! Really. Did you forward your blog to the teacher? You have such valid points. I bet she would reconsider when you put it so plainly.

Happy Birthday buddy!