Thursday, July 29, 2010

Snack Bags

One of my favorite blogs is Angry Chicken. I won't attempt to describe her awesomeness, you can go check that out for yourself. I think I love her in a narcissistic fashion, however, because she uses made up words (as do I) and she does not like to pin things (nor do I). So really, she reminds me of myself. Only she has her crap together and I don't. But otherwise, very much alike. :P
Anyhow, she has a bunch of great tutorials on YouTube. She posted one recently on how to make these sweet little snack bags. I loved this idea, and made some myself. I used some scraps of fabric that came from my Gram's house, which made this project even better (for me anyway).

The boys especially like these, and have already had them filled several times with cereal to take in the car. I love that they are way less likely to make a crumby mess in my car, because you really have to turn them inside out & shake them to get stuff out; it doesn't just slip out. I just love how cute they are, and need to find more uses for them so I have an excuse to show them off.

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KateO said...

they're so cute. I want one.! and soo green of you.