Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reshaping It All

Mary loaned me a book by Candace Cameron Bure, titled Reshaping It All. It's been a good read, and I always feel like if I take notes, it was worth spending the time on. I was reading it at breakfast today and came to this:

When you are standing in the desert of testing with your back to the sea and all you can see in front of you is the enemy closing in, be still. Stand firm, and you will find deliverance. have you ever stood still long enough to witness God do His work? Have you ever stood still in His presence and let Him fight your enemy? Be still. Because when you do, God will triumph over your enemy, release you from your stronghold, and you will know that He is God.

I must have reread that paragraph five times, and thanked God for showing me the Be Still message yet again! I seem to run into it everywhere now. I love when God reaffirms Himself to you over and over again; it's so reassuring.


Beacon2Light said...


I was on I-95 entering Philly some time back and I heard a preacher on the radio say that God is content to allow us to fight our own battles if we insist on it; however, he is willing and able to fight them for us, if we would just let him. That really spoke to me then just as this has obviously spoken to you.

Theresa said...

That's the same with me last year. Every time I turned around, the message was one of three!

I was still for quite some time in the last 2 days. And God is wonderful!