Saturday, January 14, 2012

My One Word

So I finally have My One Word for 2012. And of course, because I like to be annoying, it's not one word, it's two, and from this verse.

I have prayed repeatedly about what my Word for this year should be, but overall just felt led to be quiet and to listen to Him. To spend daily time in His Word, which is something I have always been sporadic with. I have started reading a chronological bible that is laid out to be read in a year. Along with that I've been writing in my prayer journal each time I read, and feeling His peace; the peace that I have desperately needed with all of the drama life has thrown at me the past month or so.

I let myself get caught up in life pretty much every day. I forget Him, and then throw a few minutes at Him before I fall asleep. I pray for other people, but don't take time to listen and be still. And I think overall that I need to be still in my life, not just in those moments of prayer. He helped me find my One Word by leading me to be still, and stop striving, and just be.


Janet said...

Love it! I suck at being still!!

Theresa said...

Did you know that this was one of my verses from 2011? Did I tell you that? My words from last year were "rest" and "still".

Shay said...

Theresa, I already knew what He wanted me to do, I just didn't have the One Word for it yet. I felt Him asking me to recommit to daily time with Him. I didn't know how to name that though, until I saw that verse on your blog the other day. :)

KateO said...

I love it.
While I'm a seriously good at being still, in a 'lets take a nap' way, my prayer life and quiet time is not in good shape!

This is a good 'two word' resolution...good luck!

Theresa said...

You are a blogging maniac. I will have to come back and read these. Can I borrow this pic?

I hope the answer is yes! I guess I should have asked first before I did. But I LOVE IT SO!

(and the post was written. I thought it would be a nice addition.)

Thank you!

Thenonbloggingfriend said...

Awesome words honey, it was mine two years ago and I suck at it.