Friday, January 20, 2012

I spoke too soon

Yeah, Kate does blame me, hahaaaaa: I blame you.  It's ok though, because once people find out that I have this super power, they may not be so quick to cross me.

So my thyroid does have a nodule and some weird looking tissue, so I have to go see my ENT. Boooo! Seriously, thank God we don't have any caps or limits on our health insurance because we have had way too many appointments lately. Tom has the sleep study tomorrow night. At least I got to have my doctor write E's prescription for this month while I was there, so that saves me a trip next week. (It's a controlled substance so it can't be called in nor renewed.) (You know, to prevent ADDICTS from getting their hands on it, hardy har har!)

E's learning support teacher emailed me today about scheduling his IEP meeting. She also said that she noticed E had glasses today and she wondered if they were new. Apparently he took an old pair of mine from my desk drawer. He told me that they helped him to see the whiteboard better and to concentrate better. So I guess I'd better get his eyes checked, lol.


Jeff and Meg said...

I wonder why they sent you to an ENT instead of a endocrinologist? I guess they know what they're doing. Stupid thyroid glands!!!

Shay said...

I think because of the tests they need to do to determine if the nodule or questionable tissue are benign or not. The endocrinologist would be just if my thyroid was misbehaving with on it's own (w/o nodule), I'm guessing.

Theresa said...

The office wrote the wrong dose on Amanda's script. I had to drive back to the pediatricians off and get another script. Then drive back to Target and wait another 20 minutes. What an ordeal. Now I check the script before I leave. Live and learn!