Thursday, January 19, 2012


So Kate finally announced her pregnancy, and I can finally relax and stop worrying that I might accidentally tell someone. And she was gracious in her post about it, but I know she blames me for saying she would be pregnant by Thanksgiving. I do so enjoy being right.

I had my thyroid ultrasound and am waiting on the results. The tech said nothing during the scan and I didn't ask. I figured if there were gnomes living in there, her face might've given something away. I'm guessing I'll have to call my doctor tomorrow to find out, since his staff never seems to get around to those phone calls.

TC is still obsessed with the man cave idea and talks about it daily. He's also taken to reminding me that even when he lives in the house with said man cave, he will still love me. Good to know.

I got our church on Facebook: BFCHURCH  I'll be launching a page for Women's Ministries soon too. Now I just have to think of something profound to say on the page every day. I did not think this through.

I went ahead and ordered Crazy Love, even though I don't think I have time to read it just yet. While I was at it, I ordered Forgotten God, also by Francis Chan. Heather and I were talking about trying to do it in a small group together. Her Care Ring is doing it now and she loves it. I can't wait to read it, which means it may get bumped to the head of the line.

I couldn't sleep last night because there were hoot owls outside talking about politics. Or whatever, but they were LOUD either way. And it's odd, because outside my window is a shed and shrubbery, so I'm not sure why they were there. I considered going out with a baseball bat, but it was really frigid cold so I opted for ear plugs.

There's a meatloaf in the crockpot right now, and a lovely hot fire burning and we may see some snowflakes tonight. Here's hoping!


Janet said...

love that we both posted random stuff today...great minds think alike...but not too alike since I forgot tonight!!!

Theresa said...

Darn about the book. But now you can highlight or underline if you like.


We have a man-cave but it's called the fish room instead.

More than a couple of flakes!

I love the crock and I have a roast in it right now.