Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Potluck Noodle Mush

I've seen (& eaten, *shudder*) some gnarly looking foods at church potlucks over the years. My friend Mary Beth hated them so much that when we were putting a church cookbook together she submitted a recipe for Potluck Noodle Mush. I wish I could find it, but I do remember some of it. It consisted of boiling a box of whatever noodle you want until it turns to goo, and then mixing it with a can of cream of something soup, any variety will do. And if you have cream of mushroom and cream of chicken, well just go ahead and throw both in because it really makes no difference. Top with whatever stale potato chip you have on hand and bake til crunchy. I don't remember the rest, but it was both hilarious & true.

I have to admit, I still miss those gatherings. Our church doesn't do potluck dinners, which I think is a shame. They get a little brave now & again, and do a dessert potluck, usually when we have a congregational meeting. I'd like to see them take a real chance, and maybe risk that someone could show up with a tray of Kraft mac & cheese with sliced hot dogs. I guess I can't harang them about this, since I honestly don't know why they don't do potluck dinners. They could have a good reason. I do get that my previous church was really focused on social events, and not so much with scripture teaching. That is why we left, after all. (Though they have a true community within their members, which I must give them credit for.) But I'd love a happy meeting of these two things. And I do promise not to bring any 'special' brownies.


BeLoVed AiMeE said...

our church doesn't do a lot of potluck type stuff either. But it has grown a lot and those types of things are just too big probably. We do have Thanksgiving Dinner and usually a fourth of July or some thing in the summertime.

Janet said...

we used to do them regularly but as the church started to grow there wasn't enough room for all the potluck and tables to sit at. When I was a deaconess for a short time we also found people didn't really like to bring meat so the church was buying whole hams and turkeys just to feed everyone... I miss them too...the women's summer event might just be up your alley wink wink

Nova Kristin said...

Don't forget the cocktail weenies wrapped up in either under or over cooked crescent rolls.
We don't have them at the church I attend now either and I do miss the community you give and receive when you break bread together,