Sunday, April 24, 2011


I was reading this post by Melody Godfred about needing to rid yourself of clutter. (Even if you don't want to read it, click through to see the picture. I got a good laugh out of it.) This is a good reminder for me, because I am easily distracted. I can blame a certain amount of it on the kids, but I also have my mother's gift of paper hoarding. And this includes paper in the form of books and magazines, of which I have many untidy piles. I keep saying that I need to make more time to read, but never get around to it. I have at least five books that I've started to read but only got as far as chapter two before leaving it to collect dust on the nightstand. I want to fit more time for writing into my life, and I have all these books waiting for me.
So I've decided to start reading, in order to clear my piles away. I know it seems convoluted to do this in order to make more time for writing, but it makes sense to me. (This is when my father shakes his head and calls me a Concrete Sequential, ha!)
And that's it, there is no other glamorous reason for this post. I just decided to drag you all along on my thought process. You're welcome.


KateO said...

cracking up at the last sentence.
You should just get a kindle and be done with the books to collect dust.

Shay said...

Perish the thought! I could never give up on real books. The smell alone makes me happy. :) A Kindle would be nice, but a poor man's substitute for me I think.