Monday, April 11, 2011


A: "Ouch, I hurt my butt-bone."
Me: "It's called your tailbone."
E: "Um, Mom? She doesn't have a tail."

Me: "Let's go to the car to get our snack and water, buddy."
TC: "I can wait for you by the water."
Me: "I can't do that buddy, it's not safe. You need to come with me."
TC: "Ok. Because if I was there by myself a shark could come up and eat me. That would be scary."
(Convo by the creek at a park.)


Brownie said...

Hi. I've been bebopping along blogs and came across yours. I don't have many people following me and I thought I'd look for another blog that also doesn't have a lot of people following... and maybe we both might add one more to our followers.

Sorry that was a long intro.

I'm also a christian and have troubles debating in person - I'd rather blog it out.


Julie said...

butt-bone... :D
I love the funny things kids say!

Shay said...

Nice to meet you, Brownie :)

Tiffany Spronk said...

Okay...Steve and I are peeing our pants over here....your kids are hilarious!!! :) Thanks for the laughs

Janet said...

too funny :)

Janet said...

too funny Shay!!

KateO said...

I love the shark comment. Awesome!