Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Better left unsaid?

So I'm a big Facebook junkie, and Kate and I have joked many times about both of our stances on it. She won't go on it at all, and I am on it too much. I think we're probably both overzealous about our views on it. Either way, since I think about my life in status updates, I thought I would share some thoughts about how I filter myself. Because I must filter myself. My daughter has taken to asking me when something funny or weird happens, "This is going on Facebook, isn't it?" The answer is nearly always yes.

My problem is that I always want to protect my witness. That's church-speak for, represent Jesus in a way that makes people want to ask me about Him, and so that I can talk about Him without anyone not listening because I'm a hypocrite. An example would be that if I'm on Facebook complaining daily about stuff, I'm not exactly showing the joy of the Lord. Some people use Facebook as free therapy, and I do understand that. I've been a stay-at-home-mom for a decade, so believe me I understand the need for an outlet. But as a housewife I need to use my few opportunities to witness wisely.

Here are some of my recent status updates:
The school decided to display the students' artwork online. For me to view it I have to create an account, give them my full name, my email address, create a password, create 2 unique security questions & agree to their Terms of Use. Seriously. Just send it home & I swear I will hang it on my fridge. (Hrm, maybe not a great example, but I did mean this more to be funny than complaining.)

A just found the cat's stuffy in a drawer and gave it back to him. He is now FREAKING OUT and carrying it everywhere like his long lost child. Weird kitty.

Taking turns with Tom going to church yet again, as TC's cough is worse. Glad we have 2 services! Bummed to miss class again though.

So grateful for my amazing life! God is good!

Here are some that I thought, but didn't post:
Dear Smart Car Driver, kudos to you on choosing a super-tree-hugger-vehicle. You'll find that it came equipped with turn signals. Try using them, or the next time you slam on your brakes with no notice, I will squash you like a bug in your teeny, tiny, stupid car.

I hate driving in this area! People are morons!

I am so fed up with this constant headache & pressure, and am regretting ever having sinus surgery. I swear it's given me TMJ. The doctor ran every test he could and said he could find nothing wrong. He sucks.

Am I being disingenuous? I do post snarky stuff from time to time, and it's not like I never utter a complaint there. But I want to represent Jesus in a positive way, being real, but also being grateful. I think it benefits me as well, as I recognize that I can complain, or I can give Him glory. I can focus on the good, or I can sulk about things that make me unhappy. It helps keep my own attitude in check. Just my random thoughts on this.

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Nova Kristin said...

hmmmm snarky status posts...
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