Saturday, December 31, 2011

My One Word 2012

It's New Year's Resolution time for a lot of us. I did My One Word last year, and am doing it again for 2012. I think 'Reckless Abandon' worked well for me, even if it didn't accomplish what I thought it would. I chose it believing it would help me to lay aside fears I had about writing, losing weight & witnessing about my faith in Jesus. It did work for the latter two, but not the first. I made the decision to lay aside the writing dream for now. The harder I tried to pursue it with reckless abandon, the more I found I didn't want to do it, didn't have time to do it and just was not ready. I hope I can come back to it in a few years, but we'll see what God has planned.
Theresa told me that her One Word for last year was 'rest', from Matthew 11:28-30. I am praying about what my Word should be this year, but I'm already feeling like God is directing me towards something similar. Time and again I find myself praying in the foxhole, but neglecting that daily quiet time. I've been looking for a verse today and found this article on doing quiet time. I like the acronym of 'ASPECT' and how you can use that as a tool for bible study. I'll post again later when I have my One Word.

  • A – About God – What can you learn about God through this passage?
  • S – Sin – Does it talk about any sin?
  • P – Promise – Is there any promise in the word?
  • E – Example – Is there any example, I can follow?
  • C –Command – Which command I need to obey?
  • T – Teaching – What can I learn from this passage?

    Janet said...

    I like that acronym also! I have used one SOAP--Scripture (meaning read some), Observation (write down any/all observations about the passage), Application (write down at least one way you can apply it to your life), Prayer (does this need explanation??). I like the idea of mixing your acronym with mine...good about your word be "stay calm and...". It's really more of a phrase, but you deserve some calming thoughts :)

    Shay said...

    I think we can combine them and make a new word that no one will understand but us. ;) And I like the 'Stay Calm and...' idea; those posters crack me up.

    Theresa said...

    Great post. I am sharing this with my "encouragement" group. I send an email to a specific group of ladies. It was every morning. But it has become less and less. I want them to rely on God and not my emails of words of wisdom.