Monday, December 5, 2011

Random Grumblings

I have the Mondays again. Not feeling good, just blahhhh. A longtime online friend of mine passed away, which is just heartbreaking. She was in her mid-40s, had 3 teenage children. Some of us are sending flowers. I co-managed a message group for Christian SAHMs with her for a few years, and was so fond of her. I called her once for advice about something or other, and she was so encouraging to me. I'm so glad she's with Jesus; happy for her. Just sad for us, and so very sad for her kids and husband.

The vanities of life have felt very painful to me lately. I don't like feeling like this; melancholy and wishing Jesus would just come back already. Not because I'm longing for His return, but selfishly because life is hard and I hate seeing people hurt.

We're having a hard time with A lately, as her grades suck and she hasn't been too bothered by it. It was so much simpler when I could just put her in time out or take away her binky. We don't want to take away good things from her like youth group or student council. So for now she has lost her screen time during the week, her phone goes on the kitchen counter until homework is done, and we want more open communication weekly about what she's doing, what's due, etc. Tom and I have struggled with this because we don't agree on how to handle it. Which is also hard, because since he's frequently not around, I have to make the decisions on my own and then tell him later, which isn't fair to him. I had a good chat with Mary about it and she was very helpful. I feel very unprepared for this new phase of parenting, and Mary hasn't killed even ONE of her kids, so I'll listen to any advice she has to give.

I'm very thankful for my Jesus today. He's such a comfort to me when I'm having a pity party, just the right balance of patting me on the back while also smacking me and telling me to get over myself. He's good like that.


Life With My Boys..... said...

Oh Shaw! I love you! You are so good for me, and I miss you. You totally and completely rock. Just so you know.

AND...I find you absolutely hilarious. As always....even though I think this was supposed to be a somewhat serious post.

You're awesome. Just sayin'.

Shay said...

Amy love, I do miss you so. Another reason I want us all in heaven now, rather than later, so we can all live near each other and be neighbors and you can teach me how to can pickles.

It's good to blog out my crabbiness, it helps me process and move forward.

Anonymous said...

<3 Just heard about our friend. Incredibly sad. As you said, my heart knows she's dancing with angels, but my humanness is just filled with sadness.