Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This & That

Back to School with ADHD: Article about what it's like for this woman's ADHD child to go back to school. Our experience is something like this, although ADHD has a broad spectrum of behavior & reactions. E tends to get wound up the day before, as he did last year where he didn't sleep the night before and subsequently missed the first day of school.

Meet the Dubiens: This gal has some really cute ideas for presenting food to kids. LOVE the apple smiles!

I have a meeting on Monday with our senior pastor to discuss the logistics of coordinating the Facebook page with the office staff. I presented Facebook pages to the co-leaders of women's ministry who are totally on board. And I got the meeting with our pastor with no problem. I'm telling you, either they are messing with me or taking pity on me because they know how stressed I've been lately. Either way, score!


Janet said...

We made those smiles a while back...so cute.

Cathy of Top Beauty Secrets said...

Look likes mouth revealing its teeth. LOL!