Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writing Prompt: Dreaming in Color

Prompt: Open your eyes, look around, and describe the colors that strike you.

Squinting my eyes, I could almost imagine that the inky clouds on the horizon were really sweeping mountain ranges. The grey of the parking lot faded from my view, as I imagined hiking off into the unknown, beneath a canopy of greens and browns, velvety moss under my feet. The air is cool and damp, a white mist of early falling dew to greet me. Murky shades of brown and tan line the crunchy path, leading me high up the hills. I pause by a great wall of charcoal grey rock, sticking my fingers in the cracks to feel the trickle of clear water. It holds bits of bright green algae hostage as it drips down to form glossy black marks on the rock below.
I keep going, seeing bits of brilliant blue peeking down from above. I switch-back, heading in another direction but still gaining altitude, and find the source of the water, a patch of lingering white snow, stark against the dark mountain floor. Tiny green buds are poking their way up out of the brown mulch of fallen leaves and twigs, white and pink blossoms nearly arriving.
"Mommmmeeeeeeee," says a sudden jolly voice, and I am broken from my reverie. I stand in the humid grocery store parking lot once again, my wee charge before me in a shopping cart. He grins and pokes a grubby finger at me, reclaiming my attention. His strawberry blonde wisps need trimming, as they fall into his bonnie blue eyes. His round cheeks are pink and full of his winsome smile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shay!

Wow So much to take in so many of testaments of your faith struggles joy and sadness I have to really take it in more but I just wanted to say thank you for being so real for taking the courage and sharing in boldness and in love your life

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Shay I meant to share with you check out http://graceandfavor-anna.blogspot.com/this is my moms site and you might find it encouraging too.