Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home at Last

Home.... on the internet that is. My connection is still sporadic at best, but for now I have some juice and will run with it. The laptop is still in the faraway land of Hewlett Packard where I hope and pray she will be lovingly restored. I miss her so. The Sticky Thing is a bit less sticky today though, as I have laid down the law with the small people about eating or drinking here.

We had a really wonderful weekend of camping for my birthday. Yes I am a July 4th baby. No the fireworks are not for me. Let it go.

My oldest friend came with us. We were best friends in the 6th grade, and then her family moved back to her hometown in another state. We have managed to stay in touch for the last 22 years, but hadn't seen each other in person since my wedding 11 years ago. I think we talked non-stop for the first 36 hours. The Man was a good sport about it. It's amazing how much we had to catch up on, as we had both somehow managed to keep our darkest days and most painful secrets from one another. Telling each other about them was like therapy. We talked, laughed, cried, gave each other advice and comfort, and came out of it both knowing that God had somehow ordained those four days together for some greater purpose. We even talked about writing a book together, and how we are both at a crossroads point of our lives, wondering how the Lord will use the ashes of our former lives to create ministries for us to help others with. To say it was amazing would nearly cheapen what this weekend meant to me. It was truly the most perfect birthday gift imaginable.

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Trish D said...

Glad to hear you have at least one computer back up and running - I always feel a bit desperate when I haven't been online for a couple days (rather sad, actually).

And what a wonderful opportunity to catch up with your friend!