Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neo Update

E has been using the Neo for a while and it's been a great tool for him. He brings it home frequently and we talk about what he's been writing. This is what he wrote today. (Tip: read it phonetically and you'll figure out what most of the words are.)

My Day 5/18/11
Today when I woke up I got dress then ate some sereol and got redey for skool I got unpakt and then did the plegolegints then went to speshel which was computer then did the dale5 then went to lunch and resees then did writing workshop then did math then I did stints I got to look at betas rollepolles and the crayfish then got pakte up and then went home did homework had diner at home to go to bed but I got a snak watid for my bruther to go to slepe before I code go to slepe.

The Neo is doing what we hoped it would. He can keep up with writing assignments and not quit out of frustration with handwriting. The spelling gets corrected later in the process, and he doesn't have to worry about lagging behind.

(And yes, the 'plegolegints' is my favorite, lol.)


Thenonbloggingfriend said...

plegolegints Love it!!
Glad to see/hear it working well for him. \o/

KateO said...

oh so glad its working out for him.
I had to read plegolegints a couple of times. but then I got it and darn if that aint cute!

Brownie said...

well I must confess - I can't figure out "plegolegints" the rest I could read :)

I'll have to spend some time and read more history on your blog - I feel like I just dropped into the middle of a story!

Shay said...

It's Pledge of Allegiance! :)